Video Publication

Live video of Gala Recital of four Beethoven Sonatas for 20th Anniversary
of Sydney Opera House, Polydor, 1993.

BBC Television Documentaries with Xenakis (1992), Boulez (1972),
Stockhausen (1972), Cage (1972)

ABC – Woodward directs Alpha Centauri Ensemble at Huddersfield
International Festival of New Music (1992), Chris Dench Flute
Concerto (BBC2 TV)

ABC Television Documentary with Graeme Murphy (1990)

Woodward at Tsukuba World Expo, Japan (1992)

50th Birthday documentary, TV Channel 9, Australia (1992)

The Seventh Spring (1998) with Arvo Pärt, Edo de Waart (Schoenberg)

Woodward/Skryabin for Noosa Film Festival (1999)

Woodward/New England-ABC TV documentary Australian Story (1999)

Interview with RW for Sky Television News (half hour) December, 2003.