Celestial Harmonies, 13255-2 (73:09)
This fascinating collection of works covers the period of transition from Tsarist Russia to the establishment of the Soviet Union. To a certain extent it relates to Woodward’s re-release of the Preludes and Fugues op. 87 by Shostakovich on Celestial Harmonies 14302-2 (see review), which, dating from 1975, has acquired its own historical significance. Many of these pieces are little-known compositions that Woodward discovered as a student in Warsaw in the early 1970s, gaining access to rare works from Prokofiev’s widow Lina Prokofieva, and mining the archives of Polish Radio… more

“Woodward played with astonishing calm… in Woodward I sensed the composer’s real intentions…  here is a player with real integrity.”  Christchurch Symphony, Rachmaninov Third Piano Concerto, 1995