50th Birthday Gala

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It’s nice to go along to someone’s birthday party and be given a present yourself.  On Wednesday night at the Sydney Opera House, Roger Woodward gave the paying guests at his 50th the best of all possible presents - a recital to treasure.  Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but a Woodward recital is always an Event.  So, when it is billed as a Gala Event, what more can you expect?  Answer : a Gala Performance.  ... The program notes make mention of the fact that some people still don’t think Chopin is really up there with the greats of music…. How anyone could still hold to this view after hearing Woodward play Chopin - and particularly after hearing Woodward play Chopin on Wednesday night - is beyond imagining…

“fingers and nerves of steel”   Andrew Porter, The New Yorker