Beethoven Recital, “Eroica Symphony”,  Oblique Theatre, Paris

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Le Monde de la Musique, Paris, 2 December 1976, translation of review by Gerard Conde
Beethoven Reinvented by Roger Woodward
Not satisfied with what he had just offered the audience - a transcendental performance of the “Eroica” Symphony in Liszt’s transcription for piano, Roger Woodward, backstage at the Oblique Theatre, decided to repeat it from beginning to end in the second half.  Having surpassed himself once more in the “Appassionata” and “Moonlight” Sonatas…....
.... In this absolute mastery of the dynamic and sound possibilities of the instrument, one perceived familiarity with the contemporary repertoire.  This however was only one aspect of a deeper concerpt which did not stop at inspiration and technique.  GC.

Woodward demonstrated a stature as a piano recitalist unrivalled in this country”  Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, 1990