‘Keqrops’ in New York

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Roger Woodward and Zubin Mehta astonished New York Philharmonic’s audiences at the Lincoln Center for three nights last November by pivoting the premiere of Xenakis’s piano concerto ‘Keqrops’ between Bach’s Brandenburg 6 and D minor.  Each work gained by the contrast. In ‘Keqrops’ Woodward mastered a piano part with passion, strength and understanding, then he glided into graceful rigour and shapely articulation in Bach in a feat few pianists would even contemplate.  Woodward is an outstanding interpreter of all Xenakis’s piano works and ‘Keqrops’ was ocmmissioned for him by fellow Australians, the Paroulakis…...

“flawless rendition of Tchaikovsky”  China Daily, Beijing 1990