Stockhausen ‘Intervall’ and ‘Kontakte’, Festival Hall, 1972

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Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ‘Intervall’ and ‘Kontakte’, Festival Hall, May 1972
reviews Melody Maker (Russel Unwin) 13 May 1972
and The Times (William Mann) 8 May 1972

Roger Woodward and Jerzy Romaniuk, piano
Melody Maker:
....Next ‘Intervall’ played by two pianists, Jerzy Romaniuk and Roger Woodward (who is fast becoming an avant-garde superstar and looks as much into rock as he is into Mozart, Beethoven or Stockhausen) .....
The Times:
... The remaining item ‘Intervall’, was a world premiere, a piano duet for Roger Woodward and Jerzy Romaniuk…. the players are instructed to being with single notes, gradually adding up to 10-note chords…...

“one of the truly great pianists”  Dagens Nyheter,  Stockholm