World Premieres

World Premières Performed:

Alison Bauld
Concert (Liverpool)

Anne Boyd
As it Leaves the Bell (Sydney 1973)
Angklung (Edinburgh Festival 1974)
Meditations on a Chinese Character (Sydney Spring 1996)
Last Songs of the Kamikaze (Sydney Spring Festival 1997)
Dreams for the Earth (Sydney Spring Festival 1998)
Book of the Bells III (Sydney Spring Festival 1998)
Piano Concerto (2004) WP

Nigel Butterley
Piano Concerto (incomplete)

John Cage
HPSCD (Round House, London)

Barry Conyngham
Snowflake (London 1974)
Southern Cross (Melbourne 1982)
Double Concerto (Sydney 1982)

James Dillon
The Book of Elements Vol I (Sydney 1997)
Piano Concerto (2004) WP

Franco Donatoni
Sincronie I (Huddersfield 1992)
Sincronie II (Lisbon 1994)

Ross Edwards
Monos II (orchestral version) (QEH London 1971)
Piano Concerto (unperformed)

Morton Feldman
Piano (Frankfurt 1977)
Piano and Orchestra (Metz 1975)
Triadic Memories (ICA, London, 1981)

Rolf Gehlhaar
Strangeness, Charm and Colour (52nd ISCM Athens 1978)
Diagonal Flying (Sydney Spring Festival 1995)
Piano Piece (1996 completed, awaiting premiere)

Askell Masson
Piano Concerto (Reykjavik 1991)

Richard Meale
Coruscations (Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 1971)
Piano Concerto (commissioned and awaiting completion)

Luis de Pablo
Eros (Lisbon 1994)

Horatiu Radulescu
Third Piano Sonata

Bernard Rands
Mesalliance (Round House, London 1972, Boulez/BBCSO)

Peter Sculthorpe
Landscape (London 1969)
Piano Concerto (unperformed)

Larry Sitsky
lst Piano Concerto (Sydney Spring Festival 1994)
2nd Piano Concerto (available for world premiere 2004)

Alessandro Solbiati
By My Window (Lisbon 1994)

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Interval   (RFH London 1973)

Toru Takemitsu
For Away (Edinburgh Festival 1972)
Corona with Crossing (London Version 1972)
Piano piece (left in sketch form – incomplete) WP

Felix Werder
3rd Sonata (Sydney 1969)
Piano Trio (for Vienna Trio 1970)

Roger Woodward
Improvisation 1-3 (Sydney)
Improvisation 4-5 (Warsaw)
Improvisaton 6-7 (London)
Improvisation 8 (Los Angeles)
Improvisation 9 (Tokyo)
Sound by Sound (Paris 1989)
Five Songs in Memoriam Toru Takemitsu
for unaccompanied cello (1996)

Iannis Xenakis
Mists (Edinburgh 1980)
Paille in the Wind (La Scala Milano 1992)
Keqrops (New York 1986)


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