Diagonal Flying Etcetera KTC 1127

imageWorks by Rolf Gehlhaar (b.1943)

Julia Ryder, cello (track 1)
Peter Jenkins, bass clarinet (track 2)
Trevor Jones, trombone (track 3)
Roger Woodward, piano (track 4)
Rolf Gehlhaar, sound space (track 4)

Total playing time 73’22”


• Solipse for cello and tape delay
• Polymorph for bass clarinet and tape delay
• Rondell for trombone and tape delay
• Diagonal Flying for piano and synthesizer

1991 ABC Live Music, Australia
1992 Etcetera Records BV

tracks 1-3 recorded during the Second Sydney Spring International Festival of New Music 1991
Recording producer Ralph Lane
Recording engineer Allan Maclean
track 4 – recorded during the First Sydney International Festival of New Music 1990
Recording producer Ralph Lane\
Recording engineer Jossi Gabbay
At the Art Gallery of New South Wales