Scriabin – Late Piano Works ABC 446 741-2 / Etcetera Records KTC1126

imageTotal playing time 75’02”

1990/1995 ABC Classics / Polygram Classics / Etcetera Records Steinway piano
Producer Ralph Lane
Engineer Allan Maclean


• 2 Danses Op 73
Flammes sombres
• 5 Preludes Op 74
Douloureux, déchirant
Très lent, contemplatif
Allegro, drammatico
Lent, vague, indécis
Fier, belliqueux
• Vers la flamme, Op 72
• Sonata No 10 Op 70
• 2 Poèmes Op 71
En rêvant
• 2 Poèmes Op 63
• Poème-nocturne Op 61
• Sonata No 6 Op 62
• 3 Etudes Op 65
Allegro fantastico
Molto vivace


Gramophone October 1992 : Compelling and absorbing performances, and proof that Roger Woodward’s interpretative powers extend far beyond the confines of the contemporary, avant-garde music…. One of Woodward’s most impressive qualities is his ability in the many shorter pieces… to reveal ‘worlds in a grain of sand’ – in the hands of other pianists, pieces like Guirlandes, or Masque, often come over as isolated curiosities – the flotsam and jetsam of an asteroid belt – but here they are minor planets inextricably linked by gravity to the larger bodies made up of the sonatas….